The brand | Piet

Piet is a clothing brand characterized for being atemporal, sophisticated and functional, starting from simple lines and neutral colours. It’s site intends a visual shock, keeping the attention to product details.

The project | Ecommerce

In collaboration with Matias Lescano we worked in the analysis of the future users, conceptualization of brand, prototyping and development of the e-commerce website.

Stage 1 | Definition

We looked for reference outside fashion industry (museums, artists, music bands) and inspired by that we put together a moodboard to figure out how the brand identity was going to be introduced and their story told.

Stage 2 | Research

We define users personas so we could understand who was going to interact with the site. This helped us defining users needs regarding the buying experience like: delivery and payments. But also stock and languages needed from our client side.

Stage 3 | Wireframing

We wanted to focus the site navigation in the brand’s storytelling. So we seek alternatives that let the users discover the brand’s universe. Finally, the initial scroll and parallax end up defining the site’s the structure.

Stage 4 | Visual

Once defined the site’s structure we did a photoshooting. This allow us to take all the photos we needed for the parallax scroll we imagined in the wireframes stage. This also helped us in the product page with the product images.

Stage 5 | Export

It was very important to be able to bring the Sketch grid to css, in order to do so we use Zeplin which allowed us the check the distances and export the assets with better precision.

Learnings | UX from the beginning

It was interesting to participate from the beginning in this project, which allows us to get to the photo stage with the wireframes defined and approved, and select visual content that better fitted out ideas.

In the technical side, implementing the backend for e-commerce of Spree allowed us to assign more time to the frontend development. This way we didn’t sacrifice a good customer experience for our customer in the product and orders management flows.