Civic App | Partido de la Red

Partido de la red is a political party that proposes to improve democracy seizing Web’s virtues and promoting citizen involvement. Above all, they are a talented and passionate people who want to change the world :)

Project | Demos

Demos was a platform developed in collaboration with the BA Legislature that allowed citizens to choose three law proposals in order to be prioritize in the legislators oficial agenda. This was one of the first projects of the party in which I was involved helping with the design of the user’s experience and interface.

Stage 1 | Definition

Being a project of the BA Legislature the first step was to understand all the limitations established by the contract. The main challenge was to merge 2 different user journeys: the one the legislators did with their proposals and that involves citizens and the proposals voting.

Stage 2 | Wireframing

We prototype different layouts for listing all the projects in one view. But after testing it with other citizens we learn that it was more clear to show them one by one in a card format.

Stage 3 | User Interface

The challenge of the UI resided in being able to give an impartial and institutional context to the projects, but at the same time display each political party identities so that their projects could be easily identified by citizens. We solved it allowing the administrators to customize their project cards.

Learnings | Real citizens participation

During the first week the platform already had more than 40 thousand votes registered. Being the first initiative on this kind the press repercussion was huge.

On a personal level was really gratifying to see that a parliamentary minority as the FIT (a small left-wing political party in Argentina) managed to get to the media and to the official agenda its project of 6 hours workdays for nurses.